Sunday, January 14, 2018

Orientation for Caregivers: Day 2

Find Day 1 here.

Day 2

Sessions 3- The Child's Journey Begins

Table of Contents
  • The Child's Journey
  • The World of Abnormal Rearing
  • The Intent of the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act
  • Status Flow Chart
We learned about steps that may be taken if complaints are made against a family and found to be justified. I thought the child would be automatically taken into care but depending on the case, people involved, circumstances, and other factors there are other options.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Adoption / Caregiver Training: Day 1

I've started my training! It's officially called Orientation for Caregiver Training or OTC.

Training is offered two times a year and runs for 4 days total. This time it runs Fri and Sat from 9:00 to 4:00.

My mailed acceptance letter didn't arrive so I emailed  and got one so here's hoping the mailed version didn't have any added pamphlets or anything. (Fun fact- many of us had trouble finding the building as the address was wrong and it was just a door to a small entryway, no large signs to indicate anything so I suggest calling before hand and asking where the building is and what it looks like.)

From what I've gathered this training will help us understand the types of children in care, a variety of needs, and how to best care for them. After this is the home study (see the timeline here.)

There was about 15 people, me being the only singleton (no surprise there) and only person from my area. Most were there for foster or kinship care training. We met in a boardroom-type room with view of a slide show.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Japan Travel Journal

This travel journal is STUFFED with stuff! I put so many different things into it. My travel buddy L asked why I just didn't space them out and use more pages but that just didn't seem like fun so I still have half a book to use for my next adventure.

See my trip posts here (look towards the bottom). What would you have put in the journal?

Some things I put in my journal:

  • plane boarding passes
  • plane menus
  • train tickets
  • reciepts
  • attraction maps
  • attraction tickets
  • (cleaned) snack wrappers and lids
  • stamps from attractions and train stations
  • a (cut up) shopping bag
  • owl feather from the owl cafe
  • little serving spoons and toothpicks
A tip: if you just tape down one side you can have many things on one page and also space to write about the item beneath it.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Open Farm Day 2017: Visiting a Dairy Farm

In August Alberta has Open Farm Days that encourages farms to host visitor days so that people can see how farms work and where their food comes from. I visited a nearby town and went on a bus tour that took us to several farms. One raised goats for meat, one beef cattle, a grain operation, and a dairy farm.

Here's some pictures and info on the dairy farm!

(Here's another blogger that was on the tour and did the evening long table supper.)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Japan Play Box

I picked up some items for a pretend play box while I was in Japan. While of course it's easier to visit a place to make a box it's not necessary; many items could be created, found at dollars stores or thrift stores or printed off. Everything here currently fits in a shoe box.

What would you put in this box?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Question for Bio Family Members for Foster / Adoptive Kids


I found a variety of questions to ask family members and compiled a list of questions I think that I, or my future child, would want to know about their biological family. Some of the questions can be used to research family trees and some are just general knowledge and fun facts.

I hope to have several pages printed out so that I can ask family members to fill them in and pass them to other members I might not have met. I thought having the pages filled in the person's own writing would be nice. For memories it might also be nice to record the storyteller and preserve their voice.

What questions would you want to know about your family?